RSM ‘App’: School Set-Up

RSM - App Notifications Samsung (Android)RSM - App Notifications for iPhone, iPad and iPod TouchBefore you Download the Free RSM 'App' on your smartphone and/or tablet, please make sure:

  1. You have downloaded the latest version of your phone's software.
  2. You only download the Free RSM 'App' after you have done the above.
  3. Make sure you have set-up your phone's Notifications to get the most out of the RSM 'App'. Read the RSM 'App' Notification Documents below for iPhone / Android.

RSM - App Notifications for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

RSM - App Notifications Samsung (Android)


Once you have received your activation email informing you that you are now an activated RSM member, simply download the Free RSM 'App' and Login using your Registered Username and Password to start using the 'App'.

  • The 'App' for iPhone & iPad is available at the App Store.
  • The 'App' for Android Phones and Tablets is available at Google Play.
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