Relief Staff Information
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  • RSM accepts registrations from Teachers, Specialists, Education Assistants, Education Assistant - Special Needs, OSH Carers, School Officers & Cleaners.
  • Relief Staff can select Preferred Schools from a list of RSM Schools.
  • Relief Staff select their Areas of Expertise.
  • Once activated, Relief Staff can use our FREE RSM 'App'
  • Relief Staff will be able to receive Booking Notifications from their Preferred Schools and other Schools within their Preferred School Zone.



Relief Staff - New 'Standard Registration'

  • All past, current and future Relief Staff must register and complete a New 'Standard Registration' online before being activated.
  • Relief Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff will be charged a Annual Registration Fee for the 2022 school year. However, we are offering a range of Free & Discounted Registrations, as noted at the top of this page.

    • Relief Staff can choose from the following School Plans:
      • 1 (Free Registration)
      • 2 (Free Registration)
        • 2021 Graduates
        • 3rd / 4th Year University Teaching Students - Education Assistant Relief Only!
      • 2-4 School Plan (Paid Plan)
      • 5-8 School Plan (Paid Plan)
      • 9-12 School Plan (Paid Plan)



The following Mandatory Documents are required to Register

TRBWA Letter of Grant or Statement of Registration (Required by all Relief Teachers)

    • If you don't have a current TRBWA Letter of Grant or Statement of Registration, use the following TRBWA website link:
    • TRBWA Website: TRBWA Website
      • Select Teacher Login and follow the prompts.
      • Select the Correspondence Tab
      • Locate & Download current ‘Letter of Grant’ or ‘Statement of Registration’

Working with Children Check (Required by all Relief Staff)

SCN Letter (Required by all Non-Teaching Relief Staff and Relief Teachers wanting to teach in EDWA schools)


COVID Vaccination Certificate (No Longer Mandatory)

  • Currently, relief staff do not have to provide their vaccination status to work in schools
  • However, some schools have still requested your status to keep on file.  If you are not vaccinated then leave these fields blank when you register.
  • Use the below information (Booster Vaccination Directions Table & Certification examples) to know what information you need to provide and the relevant dates.
  • You can obtain a Digital Certificate or Immunisation History Statement through your MyGov account. 
  • If you haven’t got a My Gov account, we suggest you visit their website and create an account a.s.a.p.  You can use the following link to guide you through the process:
Covid Website Picture

Relief Staff - 'Direct Registration'

  • Are only available for Relief Staff who work part-time at a particular school.
  • This type of registration in only accessible to relief staff who have received a 'Direct Registration' emailed code from a school.  Relief Staff who have not received this emailed code then you must complete a New 'Standard Registration'.
  • Please go to Registration on the menu bar and click the New Direct Registration Tab which contains the information Relief Staff need to know before Registering.
  • Relief Staff must register and complete all the following basic information online before being activated, including:
    • Personal Details.
    • Profile Picture - Clear Facial Picture (jpeg format).
    • Areas of Expertise.
    • Availability.
    • Mandatory Reporting. Documentation.
    • COVID Vaccination Certification (Double Dose Vaccination Minimum).
  • This is a Free type of Registration for Relief Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff.
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