Upgrade Plans (2024)

To Upgrade your current School Plan, we recommend you:

    • Login to your account at https://myrsm.com.au and select the Upgrade Plan Page using the Upgrade Plan Tab on your account's menu.
    • Read all the relevant information about the Reason to Upgrade below and also on the Upgrade Plan Page.
    • Select your School Plan for 2024:
      • FREE and PAID Upgrade Plans conditions are noted below.
      • FREE and PAID Upgrade Plans details and prices are listed on the Upgrade Plan page in your account.
    • You can only select a PAID Plan to Upgrade.
    • Make the relevant payment.
    • Submit your Re-Registration.
    • All Upgrade Plans expire 12 months from the Upgrade date.

Reasons to Upgrade

Preferred Schools are a critical component of our system, and there are many advantages to Upgrading your School Plan to 4, 8 or 12 Preferred Schools…

    • When you select your Preferred Schools in your account, they are the only ones who can see your information and get to know who you are.  This allows them to decide how best to use your services before they submit Booking Requests through our RSM App.             
    • The majority of Booking Requests go out to the Preferred School database before it goes to anyone else.
    • Being on a Schools database is important if you want the opportunity to be seen and especially if you want to work at a School you prefer.
    • Critically, anyone on a FREE Plan is now limited to two (2) Accepted Bookings for every 28 days from schools other than the selected 1 or 2 Preferred School/s. Paid Plans always have Unlimited Accepted Bookings from all Schools.

Upgrade Facility

Our Upgrade facility is available for all activated relief staff who want to Upgrade their current School Plan.  So…

  • If your current School Plan is 1 Free School or 2 Free Schools.
    • You can now Upgrade to the 4, 8 or 12 Schools.
    • Please note, when you Upgrade from a Free Plan to a Paid Plan, your registration expiry date changes to 12 months from your Upgrade Date.
  • If your current School Plan is 4 Schools
    • You can now Upgrade to 8 or 12 Schools.
  • If your Current School Plan is 8 Schools
    • You can now Upgrade to 12 Schools.
  • If your current School Plan is 12 Schools
    • There is no Upgrade Plan available.

If you decide to Upgrade your current School Plan, select carefully. Once you have made your selection and submitted your Upgrade with a successful payment, our system will automatically update your account. You will then be able to login to your account and Add or Delete your number of Preferred Schools. 

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