2022 Standard Registration Information

Thank you for wanting to join Relief Staff Maestro (RSM) and be added to our RSM School/s Relief Staffing Database for 2022.

Registrations are open to Teachers, Specialists Teachers, Education Assistants, EA – Special Needs, OSH Carers, School Officers & Cleaners

RSM is offering FREE Standard Registrations for the following School Plans:

  • 1 School for FREE
    • All Relief Teachers and Relief Non-Teachers.
  • 2 Schools for FREE
    • 2021 Teaching Graduates (Qualifications and/or Certifications will be required)
    • 2022 3rd or 4th Year University Teaching Students can register as Education Assistants (Qualifications and/or Transcripts will be Required).

All other School Plans (which allow you to select more schools) will require payment.


 Before registering, please make sure your minimum phone software version is compatible with iPhone version 13.0 & Android version 8.0.  Please do not register if you do not have these or higher versions (unless you upgrade your version or phone) because our ‘App’ will not work properly on your phone!     

You must register using a Standard Registration.  It is essential you read and understand all the below requirements before you start to register, including the number of schools you want to select and the relevant costs if you decide to choose more than the FREE Registration. 

Once you are ready:

  • Click the ‘Register Online’ button at the bottom of this page and select to sign up and open a new Relief Staff Account.
  • Select ‘Standard Registration’ and complete Phase One of your Registration.
  • If you have selected a School Plan that requires payment, then make the relevant payment.

*** Submit your completed ‘Standard Registration’ (Phase 1) ***

RSM will then verify your details, which includes your Personal Details, Relevant Documents, specifically your:

  • Teacher Registration Board WA –
    • Letter of Grant or Statement of Registration, Number & Expiry Date (required by all teachers)
  • Working with Children Check –
    • Card Copy, Number & Expiry Date (required by all staff)
  • Police Clearance –
    • SCN Letter from the Department of Education (required by all teachers wanting to teach in an EDWA school and all non-teachers)
  • COVID –
    • Vaccination Certification (required by all staff)
  • Selected Preferred School Plan & Payment

*** RSM verifies and approves your ‘Standard Registration’ (Phase 1) ***

Once approved, you will get a verification email giving you access to complete your ‘Standard Registration’ (Phase 2), which includes selecting your:

  • Preferred Schools – To match the number of schools selected in your School Plan.
  • Areas of Expertise – Some Areas of Expertise will already be selected for you but there may be others that you can select that suit your qualifications and confidence to teach.

 *** Submit your completed ‘Standard Registration’ (Phase 2) *** 

You will now be automatically activated by RSM and ready to receive School Booking Requests, via the free ‘RSM App’ on your smartphone (Android & iPhone).  You will be able to Accept a Booking Request at the touch of a button!

All registration issues must be directed to RSM via email: [email protected]

Thank you once again for considering relief work at our school.  We look forward to seeing you on our Relief Staff Database and offering you Relief Work via the Relief Staff Maestro’s App as soon as possible.

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