Relief Staff Information


Relief Staff - Key Points

  • RSM accepts registrations from Teachers, Specialists, Education Assistant - Special Needs, Education Assistants & Office / Admin Staff.
  • Relief Staff can select Preferred Schools from a list of RSM Schools.
  • Relief Staff can select School Zones as another avenue to receive School Booking Requests.
  • Relief Staff select their Areas of Expertise.
  • Once activated, Relief Staff can use our FREE RSM 'App'.

Relief Staff - Registration

  • 2017 Registrations are now closed!
  • 2018 Registrations will open on the 1st January 2018.
  • Relief Staff must register and complete all required information online before being activated.  Please read the information below under 'Register Online!' to find out what you will need before Registration.
  • Relief Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff will be charged a Annual Registration Fee for the 2018 school year.
  • 2018 (Term 1 - Term 4) Registrations, the costs are:
    • Teaching Staff - 3 Month Trail $9.90 plus $40.00
    • Non-Teaching Staff - 3 Month Trail $9.90 plus $20.00



2017 Registrations are now Closed!

Relief Staff - before you Register you need the following electronic documentation ready to upload.


All Relief Staff:

  • WWCC – electronic copy of WWCC Card, pdf or jpeg
  • Resume/CV – electronic copy
  • Profile Picture – passport style, jpeg
  • Qualifications – electronic copy of relevant Qualifications, including Accreditation to Teach or Work in a Catholic School (preferred but not essential).

All Relief Teachers:

  • TRBWA – electronic copy of Grant Letter.  Accessed from the following TRBWA website link  then find it under Correspondence.

All Non-Teaching Relief Staff:

  • Police Certificate – electronic copy of Certificate

Subscription Payments:

  • Payments need to be made via Credit Card or PayPal - so have your details ready to access.

Failure to supply current documents for your WWCC, TRBWA or Police Certificate will delay your activation.

If you have everything?  Then you are ready to register when Registrations Open!. 

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