Relief Staff Information


Relief Staff - Key Points

  • RSM accepts registrations from Teachers, Specialists, Education Assistant & Education Assistant - Special Needs.
  • Relief Staff can select Preferred Schools from a list of RSM Schools.
  • Relief Staff select their Areas of Expertise.
  • Once activated, Relief Staff can use our FREE RSM 'App'


Relief Staff - New Registration / Upgrade Account

  • Relief Staff must register and complete all required information online before being activated.  Please read the information below under 'Register Online!' to find out what you will need before Registration.
  • Relief Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff will be charged a Annual Registration Fee for the 2019 school year.
  • New Registrations 2019 (Term 3 - Term 4), depending on your choice the Plan costs range from:
    • Teaching Staff -
        • $8.00 to $57.6o
    • Non-Teaching Staff -
        • $6.00 to $39.60
  • Upgrade Account 2019 (Term 3 - Term 4), depending on your choice the Upgrade costs range from:
    • Teaching Staff -
        • Upgrading from 1 School = $24.00 to $57.60
        • Upgrading from 4 Schools = $12.50 to $24.00
        • Upgrading from 8 Schools = $7.50
    • Non-Teaching Staff -
        • Upgrading from 1 School = $18.00 to $39.60
        • Upgrading from 4 Schools = $8.00 to $15.00
        • Upgrading from 8 Schools = $5.00

Register Online!


All Teaching and Non-Teaching Relief Staff - will need the following list of items ready to upload or insert.  You need to be fully prepared because you cannot save an uncompleted Registration.


All of these item file sizes must be under 1MB per file.

All of these files must be in the correct file format (as listed).


All Relief Staff:

  • Working With Children Check – Number, Date & Card (compulsory - pdf format only)
  • Resume/CV – (compulsory - pdf format only)
  • Profile Picture – Clear Facial Picture (compulsory - jpeg format only)
  • Drivers License and/or Passport - Copy (compulsory - pdf format only)
  • Qualifications – Various (pdf formats only) including Accreditation to Teach RE which is preferred but not essential.
  • Professional Referees
  • Recent Teaching History
  • Preferred Schools - Select the 'Schools Locator' Tab on the Menu Bar and identify our current RSM Schools.  Use this as a guide to choose your Preferred Schools when registering.


All Relief Teachers:

  • TRBWA – Number, Date & Letter of Grant (Compulsory pdf format only).
  • If you don't have a current TRBWA Letter of Grant, use the following steps to get the current ‘Letter of Grant’ from the TRBWA website:


All Non-Teaching Relief Staff plus Teaching Relief Staff wanting to teach in Ed Dept Schools:

  • SCN Letter from the Department of Education

    If you do not have a current valid SCN Letter, then you will need to complete the Education Department’s HSPC (previously known as Crimtrac) using the following link, please note the 100 Point Check Requirements:

    If you do have a SCN Letter, and you want to work as an Education Assistant and/or Education Assistant (Special Needs), we use CEWA’s Appointment of Staff Policy for Non-Teaching Staff as follows for CEWA, EDWA, CSA and all other Schools:

    Clause   National Police History Check

    1. For applicants employed with the WA Catholic system, where there is no gap of more than 6 months in their employment, a NPHC is considered current if it is not more than 36 months old.


Subscription Payments:

  • Payments need to be made by Credit Card or PayPal through the PayPal portal - please have your details ready to use.


Failure to supply the above information and the current valid documents for your WWCC, TRBWA or SCN Letter plus make your PayPal payment will delay your activation.


If you have everything?  Then you are ready to register and complete Phase 1 of your registration process!

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