Re-Registrations 2020: Information

NEW RELIEF STAFF do not use this page - Use the New Registrations Tab.

The following information is only for 2019 Relief Staff Members, Re-Registering for 2020! ***Excludes School Authority Registrations***

2019 Relief Staff accounts created using the School Authority Registrations are no longer valid.  Your account has been archived and you will need to do a New 'Standard Registration' unless the School has given you the approval to do a 'Direct Registration'.

If you were a 2019 Relief Staff Member, re-registering for 2020, simply login to your account at and complete Phase 1 of your Re-Registration.  However, please read the below information before you re-register.

Re-Registration 2020 - Information

Before you start to re-register please ensure your phone is compatible to the following phone software versions.  Apple and Android have recently updated their phone software versions, so some older phones are now obsolete.  Therefore, your phone must have:

    • Apple (iOS) Phones – Software Version 10 or above.  If you are currently using an older software version, you can try to update your phone to see if it’s compatible.
    • Android Phones – Software Version 7 or above.  If you are currently using an older software version, you can try to update your phone to see if it’s compatible.

If they are not compatible, then you may have to look at upgrading your phone before using you App.

  • Your re-registration prices will be based on which Plan you select.  Like last year you'll be able to select either 1, 2-4, 5-8 or 9-12 Schools.
  • To re-register for 2020 simply do the following:
    • Enter your WebApp through and complete re-registration Phase 1 by updating your details, documents and submitting any new information:

All file sizes must be under 1MB per file.

All files must be in the correct file format (as listed).

Page 1 – Personal Details: Ensure your profile picture is a clear facial picture and is uploaded in a jpeg format only

Page 2 – Accreditation Details: Please upload all relevant documentation in a pdf format only.  It’s important to note: 

    • TRBWA – Is required by all Relief Teachers. 
    • WWCC – Is required by all Relief Staff. 
    • SCN Letter (Police Certificate) – is required by all Non-Teaching Relief Staff and Relief Teachers wanting to teach in an Ed Dept school. 

The above 3 fields will only be able to be updated is the document is due to expire or expired.  If the document is all okay then the field will be closed and not accessible.  Failure to supply the current active documentation for these 3 items including the relevant dates, will result in delaying your activation. 

    • If you have a CEWA Payroll Number and/or Ed Dept E Number, then please include these.
    • Select the Preferred Schools PayPal Plan that best suits your needs.

** (Submit Phase 1 Registration) **

  • PayPal payment:
    • You’ll be re-directed after you submit the Phase 1 Registration to PayPal.
    • Make the above payment based on your selected Plan, either by credit card or PayPal.
  • Once we receive your Phase 1 and PayPal payment confirmations, we will verify your account details, specifically the documents, numbers and expiry dates for your TRBWA Letter of Grant / WWCC (Teaching Relief Staff) or SCN Letter / WWCC (Non-Teaching Relief Staff).
  • If the above account details and documents are all up-to-date and verified, you will then receive an email informing you that you have been verified and given approval to access your registration to complete Phase 2 of your registration.  You’ll now be able to now select your:
    • Preferred Schools
    • Areas of Expertise

** (Submit Phase 2 Registration) **

Once submitted, you are now automatically activated and ready to use the RSM System

  • However, if your TRBWA (Teaching Staff), WWCC (All Staff) and/or SCN Letter (Non-Teaching Staff) have expired or are close to the expiry date, we will notify you via email, so you can insert the updated documents before we can grant you approval to complete Phase 2.


If you have everything you need then press Re-Register Online Button!

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