Re-Registrations 2018: Information / PayPal Buttons

NEW RELIEF STAFF do not use this page - Use the New Registrations Tab.

The following information is only for 2017 Relief Staff who are Re-Registering for 2018!

Re-Registrations 2018: If you are a 2017 Relief Staff Member, re-registering for 2018, simply complete the PayPal Payment below.  This payment will allow RSM to open your registration application.

Relief Staff 2017: Re-Registration 2018 & PayPal

Relief Staff Re-Registering for 2018 do not have to complete a new Registration.  RSM still has your details on file.

Full Payment through PayPal is required as part of the application process.  Once this is received we can verify your details and consider re-activating your account.  Please make the payment using the relevant PayPal Button below for Teaching or Non Teaching Staff.

By making the above payment you have accepted our latest Membership Agreement Terms & Conditions.  This document can be viewed using the following link -

You will be notified via email if further details are required or if you have been granted full activation.

Do not try to login to your current account until you are re-activated.

RSM reserves the right to decline any registration application that RSM considers to be unacceptable without entering into any discussions with the applicant.  Full Refund will be made to the applicant.

Re-Registrations Term 3 & 4 2018

Teaching Staff - $29.90

PayPal Button Below

Re-Registrations Term 3 & 4 2018

Non-Teaching Staff - $19.90

PayPal Button Below

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