Direct Registrations

This type of registration is only available for relief staff who have been given access to register using this method by a school.  If you have not been granted access then you have to do a New 'Standard Registration'. 

Relief Staff - 'Direct Registration'

  • Direct Registrations are only accessible to relief staff who have received a 'Direct Registration' email from a school and it's authorised School Code.
  • Relief Staff must register and complete all the following basic information online before being activated.
    • You will need to enter the School Code and provide:
      • Personal Details.
      • Profile Picture - Clear Facial Picture (jpeg format).
      • Areas of Expertise.
      • Availability.
      • Mandatory Reporting Documentation - if available.
  • Relief Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff will not be charged for this type of registration.

If you have everything you need, then you can complete your Direct Registration Online!

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